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Preparing for your Engagement Session


My Engagement sessions are low-key and about capturing the two of you as you are – interacting, loving, kissing, laughing… We HIGHLY encourage you to chat, kiss, snuggle, and and interact with each other while in the poses. These are the photos you will look back on and fall in love with. Here are some tips to help you feel prepared!

Pro Tip # 1: Don't forget your nails!

Trim, buff, polish or remove polish. :)

Pro Tip # 2 Hair and Makeup: If you typically wear makeup: Wear a bit more makeup than you would traditionally wear, or get your makeup done by a pro. DO NOT spray tan before your engagement session or wedding...Even the best spray tans look orange when photographed. Especially standing next to someone who has not spray tanned..trust us, just don't do it.

Pro Tip #3: Styling your session: Want your photo's to look more editorial? Bringing some props can add a serious "wow factor" to your images. Fresh flowers, picnic basket, bikes, blankets, hats, or even a bottle of champagne can make your session more unique.

Pro Tip # 4: Bring a pair of flip flops or comfortable shoes. We will be walking a lot during the session and your feet will thank you later.

Here’s the big one – What Should I wear?! The most important thing, is to feel comfortable! If you’re self conscious, it’s going to show up in your photographs. Pick outfits you love and feel good in!

For Women: Long flowing dresses and soft and muted colors are our favorites. I always suggest floor length dresses as they create the most flattering silhouette and flatter the female body.

For guys: Long fitted pants and closed toe shoes are the most flattering. Think JCrew, layering, and adding a sport coat. Wearing a suit is never a bad idea.

Bring TWO outfits for both you and your fiancé This will add a lot of variety to your photos. I always suggest to bring one casual outfit, and one dressy outfit.

(or two dressy outfits)

** LIGHT COLORS PHOTOGRAPH great, and there's no such thing as being too dressed up!**

Check out my full list of recommended outfit inspiration with links to purchase here:

You can find lots of outfit inspiration on Pinterest!

Coordinate your outfits Don’t be Matchy. You want your outfits to complement each other. Don’t be afraid of color and pattern – just make them complimentary. For example, if you’re planning on wearing a floral dress, make sure your fiancé is wearing solid colors. If you’re both wear bold prints, it will look too busy.

Interacting with each other is essential to photos like these. We want you to smile, kiss, talk, laugh...We promise, the photos will be beautiful and filled with real moments. We will set you up into a pose and want you to interact with each other once you're there!


  • Things we love!

  • Couples who Snuggle, Interact, kiss, and laugh in the poses!!

  • neutral colors photograph really well, think Pale pink, tan, baby blue, grey, green,.. –

  • Layering for men - adding a dinner jacket or sweater and button down adds visual interest

  • Props - A few loose flowers with a hand calligraphic save the date or wine bottle will add a style element to your session.

Things not to wear:

  • Bright white matching shirts (White is fine to wear, but you both shouldn't be wearing the same color)

  • Tops with big logos or writing

  • super short skirts or shorts that make you uncomfortable

  • baggy or wrinkly clothes

Check out my full list of recommended outfit inspiration with links to purchase here:

I hope this helps as you prepare for your engagement session. It’s going to be a lot of fun! Please email me if you have any questions!!!

Indianapolis Engagement session locations:

1. Downtown Indianapolis (Canal walk and multiple photographer favorites)

2. IMA / Lilly House and Gardens (Museum charges $50 for permit)

3. Indianapolis Art Center (Broadripple)

*We also do destination engagement sessions often! The below destinations are $500 but SOOOO worth it**

Below you will find some outfit ideas from some of our recent sessions

Engagement Session Behind The Scenes Video Below:

Are you thinking about bringing your pet along for your engagement session?!? We love fur babies! Here are a few things you need to know:

1. WE require. you to bring a handler for the pup. (someone other than yourselves) The Pup will only be in a few photos as that's as long as their attention span will allow. We will have your handler meet us at a park at the very end of the session.

2. Please make sure to let me know well in advance. Some locations don't allow animals and we may need to change your engagement session location.

4. Bring a nice leash. Usually a plain leather leash will look great in photos. Don't bring a neon green lead as these are impossible to edit out and the dog must remain on the leash during the session.

4. Bring your dog's favorite treat! It helps if I hold them to have the dog look at the camera and helps your fur baby to like me a lot faster if I can give him/her some tasty treats. :)

For more outfit and session inspiration, keep scrolling! We can't wait to make some beautiful photos of your own soon!







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