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Frequently Asked Questions Before the Wedding Day

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions by our clients leading up to the big day!

1.So what's next after we book?

After the contract is signed, we can start planning when you would like to do your engagement session!! Yay! We will send you an engagement prep guide within a few days of booking.

2.Do I need to provide a shot list for you? or a list of family formals?

Nope! As we get closer to the wedding day, we'll send you a client questionnaire that offers ​the standard family portrait combinations. This is to ensure you don't forget any important groupings. We have cultivated our artistic style and created an overall approach that we believe serves our clients in the best way possible, because it tells the story of each unique wedding day as it unfolds. Feel free to check out the weddings section of our blog, which will give you a nice feel for how we capture a wedding day. Shot lists that you can get off the Knot or wedding wire are for inexperienced photographers. We are absolutely going to get photos of you getting into the dress, walking down the aisle, and all the standard photos thought out the day. If we are looking down checking off a list, we aren't in the moment with you capturing the day as it unfolds. If you have a specific pose you would like to do - (like a spin or a dip) feel free to let us know!

Also, if you'd like to add more family formal groupings, you can always add them. Just keep in mind that each extra pairing take time, so that might cut into and reduce other portrait time (like bride and groom portraits) We can always grab tons of family shots at the reception on the dance floor, too! Just grab us!

Please make sure to have dress unpacked and hanging in the location you would like it photographed, we do not move the dress. This ensures your gown stays pristine.

3.Should we provide a place for you on the seating chart?

Whatever works best for you!! If you would like us to be in the room and at a table, we love that! Some brides will plan for a vendors table by the DJ booth, But we equally love a quiet table in the back of house where we can get out our laptop, eat, and backup your lovely images. Truly whatever works best for your floor plan and catering staffs is just fine with us. If seated in the main dining room, we do prefer to be seated with other vendors as opposed to guests of your wedding. We use dinner to change batteries and back up images which isn't necessarily polite dinner etiquette if sitting with guests.

4.Do you require us to do a first look?

Of course not! It's your wedding day and we support and respect your decision on how you would like your day to flow. We do recommend doing a first look as it allows for more photos on the wedding day and a relaxed timeline. If you have a time gap between the wedding and reception, that works great too! You can read more about that here: Should I do a first look? We don't typically do first looks for Catholic weddings as there's normally a few hour time gap between the ceremony & cocktail hour for photos.

5.When do you eat?

We ask that you inform the catering staff at the reception venue (if offering a plated meal) that they serve us when the bridal party eats. This ensures we can eat quickly and be up and ready to go when you are finished.

6.Who will be our second shooter?

I work with a team of 4 super talented second shooters! They have worked with me for over 7 years and have all trained extensively.

7.Do you take photos of the guys getting ready too?

Absolutely! Every wedding is different, sometimes the guys arrive completely dressed and ready and we take some "finishing touches" photos of them adjusting their tie and putting on jackets. If the guys have a room at the same hotel as the bride - We can pop down to their room and take some candids of the getting ready process. If you know that you definitely want photos of the guys getting ready, please ensure that they have a hotel room in the same building as the bride getting ready. (or at the same venue as the bride)

8.Do the photographers split up on the wedding day?

Sure do! There are times that we are both photographing the same things together. One shooting close up and the other taking full length photos to maximize our efficiency. There are other times that one will be doing bride photos and the other will be shooting venue shots. We are required to be at the same venue together. (This just means I can't be at the hotel and the other photographer is at the venue) Per our liability insurance, we work together at the same establishment. Rest assured, we have an awesome system in place that allows us to get the most variety on your wedding day.

9. What do we do if it rains?

Don't worry! We've shot many weddings in the rain and we always come prepared with rain gear for ourselves and our cameras. I always suggest having a backup location for photos if it rains. Is there a pretty covered porch at the venue? or a covered location nearby? Maybe the venue has an awesome space with lots of natural light.

If you want, you can buy plain black, or bubble umbrellas for the bridal party and we can always make the best of it and do some fun photos in the rain with everyone!

10.What's your number one piece of advice for the wedding day?

By the time the big day is here, you've done everything you can to plan the perfect event. My number 1 piece of advice is to enjoy every moment of the day. Smile, snuggle, and be present in the moments as they unfold. You've planned a beautiful wedding, now sit back and allow all your hard work to pay off. We can't wait to document your love story!

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