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Best Places To Get Ready On Your Wedding Day | Indianapolis Bridal Prep Hotels

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We know that picking the perfect location to get ready on the wedding day can seem like a daunting task. Many of our brides always ask us what they can do to ensure beautiful photos on their wedding day...The getting ready suite is a big one! You will be spending a significant portion of the wedding day getting primped and taking pre-wedding portraits. The space should be not only beautiful, but have plenty of room for you, your ladies, stylists, and me! Below you will find a few key tips to remember when picking the perfect location to get ready for your wedding day!

1. Natural Light- Natural light not only helps ensure your hair and makeup looks its best, but also allows for light and airy feel to your photos. Keep in mind that if your wedding venue's bridal space is dark, cluttered, or in most cases (a school room) your photos will suffer.

2. Keep the room clean - Having the bridesmaids keep their belongings in a separate area or put away in a closet will create a beautiful setting for images. Throw trash away, put dresses away in the closet, hide suitcases under the beds..all of these tips will make for more beautiful candid photos while you are getting pampered. A clean room will also look great for when you slip into the dress for those beautiful bridal portraits. Hang your dress where you would like it photographed. To keep your dress perfectly clean, we do not move it.

3. Pick a location with charm and style that fits into your wedding day esthetic. We want the photos to flow naturally from the moment you slip on the dress until the last dance of the evening.

4. Gather all the details- If all your detail items are together in one spot, we don't waste precious photo time rounding everything up. This includes ALL the wedding bands, Invitations suite with envelope, dress, shoes, garter, jewelry, family heirlooms, and loose floral for styling.

5. Check out Airbnb for some beautiful historic or modern homes! You might be surprised how many charming locations you can find in Indianapolis. This also allows for everyone to spread out and keep the space looking tidy.

6. Hotel Suggestions- Below you will find a list of some of our favorite hotels for our brides to get ready. We recommend getting a suite not only for space, but for having windows on both sides for beautiful lighting.

*The Westin has a beautiful courtyard and is across the street from the State House for gorgeous photos prior to the ceremony if you are doing a first look.

*The Alexander hotel is wonderful for winter weddings as the inside provides greatphoto locations.

We hope this info helps pick a beautiful location to get ready for the big day!

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