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First 5 Things to do after you get engaged

Congratulations! You're Engaged!

Now What? Here's a list of the first few items to check off that to do list.


1. Determine the style and vision for the day. Do you want a wedding outdoors, in a ballroom, or maybe a destination wedding? You want to have an idea of the style and then start setting dates to tour venues.

2. Pick a venue. I always advise looking at more than one venue. Picking a venue will also help determine the guest count range based on the capacity. Does your venue come with a coordinator or planner? If not, we suggest having at least a day of coordinator to allow you and your family to enjoy your day.

4. Set the Date! Once you have the venue selected - You will receive a list of available dates they have. Pick a date and now check this big item off your list!

3. Decide who's in the bridal party. After the engagement your friends and family will begin wondering if they are going to be in the bridal party.

4. Book the photographer and makeup artist: These vendors go quickly and you don't want to have your dream photographer unavailable on your date.

5. Schedule your engagement session. You want to get those save the dates out and have beautiful photos for your wedding planning website!

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