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Wedding Day Emergency Kit Essentials


Stay one step ahead of mishaps on your wedding day by packing an emergency kit with the items listed below. No matter how prepared or ready you are, you will inevitably have a few unexpected snags on your best day ever.

With all your planning and preparation, your big day will undoubtedly be beautiful.

Beauty Must-Haves

  • Touch up kit for makeup - ask your makeup artist for a kit to keep your makeup fresh after they leave

  • Hair Pins- That beautiful veil doesn't stay put on it's own

  • Coffee Filter - Great for blotting tears without removing makeup

  • Chapstick: who wants flaky lips?!

  • Tissues: For all your happy tears - and the ugly ones

  • Tweezers- To make sure your brows are on fleek...just kidding, I don't say fleek (or really know what it means) - But who doesn't love some nice brows.

  • Nail File- Because hangnails suck

  • Cotton Swabs- To dab away any excess makeup.

  • Nail Clippers

  • Small Mirror -Because you'll want to check and double check your lipstick


First Aid Necessities

  • Painkillers - Advil for sore feet headaches

  • Benadryl - Bridesmaid have an allergic reaction?..no problem

  • Tums

  • Bandaids - For those oh so pretty and painful heels

  • Moleskin - AMAZING preemptive blister remedy. I'm always wearing moleskin on wedding days.

  • Bug Spray - For Outdoor weddings

Just in Case

  • Safety Pins- A last minute hemming tool.

  • Extra Buttons - If you are renting the tux, the buttons tend to be loose.

  • Small Sewing Kit- Perfect for any rips, tears, or lost buttons.

  • Bottles of water - Stay hydrated!

  • Snacks - because passing out at the alter isn't cool...trust me, I've seen it.

  • Straight Pins- for the groomsmen who keeps loosing his boutonniere

  • Clear Nail Polish- For runs in stockings or to freshen up nails

  • Super Glue- Because you just never know.

  • White Chalk - Hide stains on the wedding dress (just trust us on this one)

  • Tide Pin / Stain Remover

  • Double stick body tape - Can help bra straps from showing or the back of the dress from sitting weird.

  • Extra tampons - Just in case

  • Lint Roller - Grandma will hug her favorite grandson and she LOVES cats

  • Finger nail polish remover- because black sticks out when everyone else is wearing pink.

  • Scissors - people are always asking if anyone has scissors on the wedding day

  • Steamer - For the bridesmaid who kept her dress in the trunk of her car.

  • Portable Phone Battery Charger - You may not have access to a wall plug, and the small portable batteries are a life saver.

  • Extra Earring Backs

  • Flipflop's - You are gong to want to take off those beautiful heels!

  • Toothbrush & Floss

  • Cash

  • Lotion

  • Eyedrops

  • Hem Tape

  • Razor - It may seem ridiculous, but you never know when a bridesmaid may need to shave

  • Heel Protectors for walking in the grass

I hope this list helps you feel a bit more prepared going into your wedding day! If you think of any items we are missing, feel free to reach out! Danielle@danielleharrisphotography.com


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