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Our Five Year Anniversary | Danielle & JD Harris| Husband and Wife Wedding Photographers

Today is our five year wedding anniversary!! I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than to share a bit of our hearts on the blog today. Our marriage is one of the things in my life I'm most proud of. I value this life we've built and that even with the craziness of running a business with a three year old, we always put each other first.

Thankful doesn't even begin to describe how I feel a bout having a husband like J.D. I'm so grateful everyday to have found a man so devoted to his family and our happiness.

We are always his first priority , even if it's simply reading one more book to James in the afternoon, or bringing me water while I'm working because he know's I won't budge when I'm "in the zone".

Up until this year, JD held a full time job and also worked full time in our business. Without complaint, he worked tirelessly to keep our hectic lives organized, calm, but most of all...happy. I always say that he's the real MVP of this business. The guy behind the scenes making things happen and calming all the storms.

Being a photographer I try to make sure we have family photos done at least once a year, but I really wanted our anniversary session to be a special celebration of our love. I literally searched for months looking for the perfect photographer to capture our time as a family in Charleston and when I found Demi, I knew it had to be her. I knew she would understand my love for a good doorstep, candid moments, and joyful smiles. I'll forever be thankful for her going above and beyond to make sure we had the BEST anniversary session ever. Below are just a handful of my MANY, MANY favorites.








Family photos

Thank you so much Demi for our beautiful photos! We will treasure them forever.

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