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Education for Photographers


The Workshop


Private Mentoring Sessions are individually designed to strengthen your style, brand, and business. Let's get started on your workflow, marketing, posing, editing, and anything else that you may be struggling with. 

Mentoring Sessions include 4 hours of classroom time, a 20 minute phone call follow up, and you get to shadow Danielle at a Wedding 


P R I V A T E    M E N T O R I N G  

S T Y L E D    S H O O T  

We welcome you to attend a styled shoot to strengthen your portfolio with stunning Imagery. The shoot includes full table setting, beautiful calligraphy, other details, along with a gorgeous couple. I will show you how I shoot in different scenarios, then be available to answer questions while everyone shoots. You will be able to use the images in your portfolio to attain your ideal client. The group will be limited to 6 photographers so everyone will have individual time with each setting. 



Free Education

for Photographers

We've spent years perfecting our craft and serving happy couples all over the world. Photographing someone's most significant milestones can be a daunting task.  We love helping other creatives reach their dream of becoming full time wedding photographers and preparing them with the knowledge they need to photograph someone's special day. 

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