*I Start by grouping everything together neatly and evenly spaced and take a full photo of everyitng 

*Then zoom in on a few items without moving anything 

*Then I start with individual pictures of each detail item 


I TRY to photograph everything on a LIGHT background (the brides dress, light colored fabric, bridesmaids dresses, anything white or light colored in the room (marble, white table, ECT) 

*I'll grab a chair and drape some fabric or a dress to create a solid backdrop. 

*Also - Use the back of the dress just in case of a snag or wrinkles  

The Groom

*Try and get the groom's details if possible - Shoes, bowtie, belt, watch 

*Do mock getting ready photos regardless of if you are there for actual getting ready photos 

-Find good light and have him button and unbutton his jacket, adjust his watch or cufflinks, and adjust his tie 

Bride Prep 

*I let the bride get dressed how she feels comfortable - Usually hands in an unflattering position and trying to "squeeze into the dress. Photograph things how they happen and then stage pretty photos after. Trying to make the bride put her hands down when she needs to hold the dress to get into it can stress her out. 

*When she's ready, have her look down and to her right with her hands clasped in front of her. Have mom pretending to zip up the back and make sure to tell them to have soft smiles. 

*Typical Staged Shots*

-Zipping up dress 

-Putting on earrings 

-Putting on shoes (unless she can't sit)

-Mom adjusting veil looking at bride 

The Bridesmaids 

*Traditional straight line 

*Looking at each other smiling and giggling 

*Spread out a bit with different arms 

*Flower Shot 

*Individual with each bridesmaids 

*Walking and smiling at each other 

The Groomsmen 

*Traditional straight line 

*Looking at each other smiling 

*Spread out a bit with different arms 

*Boutonnière Shot 

*Individual with each Groomsmen  

*Walking and chatting 

Full Bridalparty 

*Traditional straight line - guy's on one side, girls on the other 

*With their partner (boy girl) 

*Looking at each other smiling 

*Walking and smiling at each other (Link arms with your partner)

*Bride and groom kiss and bridal party cheers and yells 

Bride and Groom Portraits 

*Formal Full Length (Facing camera, heads close together, groom helps bride hold flowers) 

*Formal 1/2 length 

*Face Each other forehead to forehead or Nose to nose (NO SPACE between the bellies) 

*Walking looking at each other smiling 

*Walking away, bride turns around to smile and groom looks at bride

*Prom Pose (Groom behind bride)

*Almost kiss (Touch noses, close your eyes and smile) 

*Fake Spin -If possible with dress (Bride swirls dress while smiling at groom) 

*Ask if they want to do a dip or pickup the bride picture (if you think it's possible) 


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